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Anna Josephy (1869 - 1943), Elisabeth Josephy (1900 - 1943) and Hedwig Josephy (1903 - 1943)

Anna Josephy was born on 2 August 1869 as the daughter of a Reichsgerichtsrat and law professor in Berlin. With her husband, the manor owner Georg Jacob Josephy (died 1919), she had three children: Berthold (* 08.08.1898), Elisabeth (* 31.05.1900) and Hedwig (* 29.11.1903). From 1905 the family lived in Jena, in 1912 they moved into their newly built family home in Sedanstraße (today Ebertstraße).

The son Berthold studied agricultural science in Jena. In 1929 he received an associate professorship in economics and social sciences. In April 1933 he was granted leave of absence on the basis of the "Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service". To forestall his dismissal, he resigned from his employment and emigrated to Sweden in 1934.

His mother and two sisters remained in Germany and were subjected to anti-Jewish harassment and reprisals. The 73-year-old Anna Josephy was deported to Theresienstadt on 28 June 1943 and murdered there on 18 November. The circumstances of the deaths of the sisters Elisabeth and Hedwig Josephy cannot be clarified. It is certain that they were also to be deported. They probably put an end to their lives themselves at the beginning of the transport.

The Stolpersteine for Anna, Elisabeth and Hedwig Josephy were set on 7 May 2008 at Ebertstraße 4 (initiative of the Jenaer Arbeitskreis Judentum).

drei Metallplatten mit Inschriften im Boden inmitten von Pflastersteinen eingelassen, daneben eine Sonnenblume
Stolpersteine für die Familie Josephy in der Ebertstraße 4

Hier wohnte Elisabeth Josephy, Jg. 1900, deportiert 1943, Theresienstadt, ermordet.

Hier wohnte Anna Josephy, geb. Behrend, Jg. 1869, deportiert 1943, Theresienstadt, ermordet 18.11.1943.

Hier wohnte Hedwig Josephy, Jg. 1903, deportiert 1943, Theresienstadt, ermordet.

Stolperstein Anna, Elisabeth and Hedwig Josephy

Ebertstraße 4
07743 Jena