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Bertha Kiewe (1890 - 1942?) and Martin Kiewe (1891 - 1942?)

Bertha Geist née Anschlewitz, born on 10 September 1890, the daughter of a Jewish merchant from Leipzig, married the merchant Martin Kiewe from Berlin in 1926. Born on 28 June 1891, he came from a Jewish family from the province of Posen. The couple lived in Jena at Zwätzengasse 14, where they ran a small trade in fabrics and aprons in the gateway of the neighboring house. The "Ordinance for the Elimination of Jews from German Economic Life" of 1938 definitively prohibited them from this business. Martin Kiewe was one of the Jewish men interned in the Buchenwald concentration camp on November 10, 1938, after the "Reich Pogrom Night." He was only released after more than a month. In 1939, the owner of the house at Zwätzengasse 14 agreed to give the Jewish couple notice to vacate their apartment, but this was not done due to a lack of accommodation.

On 9 May 1942, Bertha and Martin Kiewe were deported via Weimar to Bełżyce (Lublin district). The couple was probably murdered when the SS cleared the camp in October 1942. The exact circumstances of their death are not known.

The Stolpersteine for Bertha Kiewe and Martin Kiewe were placed at Zwätzengasse 14 on 18 June 2011 (initiative of the Jenaer Arbeitskreis Judentum).

zwei Metallplatten mit Inschrift im Boden inmitten von Pflastersteinen eingelassen, daneben zwei rote Blumen
Stolpersteine für das Ehepaar Kiewe in der Zwätzengasse

Hier wohnte Bertha Kiewe, geb. Anschlewitz, Jg. 1890, deportiert 1942, Belzyce, ???

Hier wohnte Martin Kiewe, Jg. 1891, deportiert 1942, Belzyce, ???

Stolpersteine Bertha and Martin Kiewe

Zwätzengasse 14
07743 Jena