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Emly (Emma) Kämmer (1882 - 1940)

Pauline Ida Emly Kämmer, née Schachtler, was born on 26.05.1882 in Nentershausen (Hesse). The nickname Emma probably originated from a prescription in the medical records.

On 23.04.1905 she married the optician Gustav Kämmer from Jena. The marriage produced three children. The family lived in Jena, first at Carl-Zeiss-Straße 8 and from the early 1920s at Lutherstraße 134.

The unexpected death of her husband in 1931 was a bitter blow for his widow Emly Kämmer, who had already been treated for mental health problems. In 1932, she was admitted to the Jena University Hospital after a suicide attempt; in 1933, she was transferred to the Blankenhain sanatorium.

In September 1940, Emly Kämmer, along with 251 other people, was transferred from Blankenhain via Zschadraß in Saxony to the Pirna-Sonnenstein killing center, where she was murdered on November 7, 1940.

The Stumbling Stone for E. Kämmer was placed in front of Lutherstraße 134 on 21.09.2022 (initiative of the Working Group Speaking Past).

Stolperstein mit gelber Rose
Stolperstein für Emma Kämmer in der Lutherstraße 134

Emma Kämmer lived here, born 1882, committed in 1933, Blankenhain State Sanatorium, "transferred" 7.11.1940, Pirna-Sonnenstein, murdered 7.11.1940, "Aktion T4".


Emma Kämmer stumbling block

Lutherstraße 134
07743 Jena