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Gertrud Korte (1880 - 1940)

Melanie Helene Gertrud Korte was born on October 6, 1880 in Jena as the third child of the merchant Gustav Adolf Korte and his wife Amélie. Gustav Korte had been granted citizenship of the city in 1886 and ran a white goods business in Löbderstraße before being employed as a municipal auditor in 1902.

The family left the city in 1913, but Gustav Korte returned to Jena after the death of his wife in 1928, where he died on May 7, 1940. His last residence was at Rathausgasse 1 in Bachstein's house (destroyed in 1945); his daughter Gertrud was also registered there.

Gertrud Korte was admitted to the Roda sanatorium and nursing home as early as 1907. This was followed by stays in the Carl Friedrich Hospital and the Blankenhain State Sanatorium and, after a few interruptions, further admissions to Stadtroda and Blankenhain. As part of "Aktion T4", Gertrud Korte was transferred to the Pirna-Sonnenstein killing center on 12.11.1940 and murdered there in the gas chamber on the same day.

Her Stumbling Stone was placed in Rathausgasse on 23.08.2021 (initiative of the Working Group Speaking Past).

Stolperstein mit roter Rose
Stolperstein für Gertrud Korte in der Rathausgasse

Gertrud Korte lived here, born in 1880, admitted to Stadtroda State Sanatorium in 1914, "transferred" to Pirna-Sonnenstein on 12.11.1940, murdered on 12.11.1940 "Aktion T4".


Gertrud Korte stumbling block

Rathausgasse 2
07743 Jena