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Kurt Hanitzsch (1882 - 1940)

Kurt (Curt) Hanitzsch was born on 27.04.1882 in Chemnitz. He trained as a merchant and married Melanie Meixner in Jena in 1910; their daughter was born in 1911. After his return from the First World War, he worked as a self-employed sales representative in the food industry until 1924, but had to give this up for health reasons.

Kurt Hanitzsch then worked as a legal adviser and represented a pension recipient before the employers' liability insurance association in 1933. He addressed his petitions to the Reich Organization Leader of the NSDAP, whereupon he was arrested by the Gestapo and taken into "protective custody" in Bad Sulza concentration camp in 1935.

In 1936, Hanitzsch was sentenced by the Jena Aldermen's Court in accordance with the "Law against Insidious Attacks on the State and Party"; in 1937, he was transferred to the Blankenhain State Sanatorium. From there, he was transferred to the Zschadraß intermediate institution in September 1940 before being deported to the Pirna-Sonnenstein killing center, where he was murdered on September 18, 1940.

The Stumbling Stone for Kurt Hanitzsch was placed in front of Golmsdorfer Straße 9 on 23.08.2021 (initiative of the Working Group Speaking Past).

Stolperstein mit roter Rose
Stolperstein für Kurt Hanitzsch in der Golmsdorfer Straße 9

Kurt Hanitzsch lived here, born in 1882, committed to Blankenhain State Sanatorium in 1938, "transferred" to Pirna-Sonnenstein on 18.9.1940, murdered on 18.9.1940 "Aktion T4"..


Kurt Hanitzsch stumbling block

Golmsdorfer Straße 9
07749 Jena