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Sonia Maria Wagner (1934 - 1943)

Sonia Maria Wagner was born on 28.04.1934 in the University Women's Hospital in Jena. Her mother Anita was in the city with a traveling troupe at the time. As she did not name a father, the Jena Youth Welfare Office was appointed guardian and subsequently investigated the child's whereabouts. The Youth Welfare Office also received guardianship for her brother Siegfried, born on 24.05.1938 in Greiz.

At the beginning of 1943, Sonia Maria, her mother and two younger siblings were transferred to Auschwitz, where the special "Gypsy camp" had been set up shortly before. Around 19,000 of the 22,000 Sinti and Roma sent to the camp died of malnutrition and disease or in the camp's gas chambers. The latter was presumably also the fate of Sonia Maria and her family. In total, the National Socialists murdered around 500,000 Sinti and Roma.

A parking lot for the Sinti and Roma wagons was once located on Gries, where a Stumbling Stone was laid for Sonia Maria Wagner on 23.08.2021 (initiative of the Working Group Speaking Past).

Stolperstein auf dunklem Grund
Stolperstein für Sonia Maria Wagner am Gries

Sonia Maria Wagner, born April 28, 1934, deported, Auschwitz, murdered June 15, 1943


Sonia Maria Wagner stumbling block

Am Gries
07749 Jena